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6Skiniya – is our shop. Church fabrics and sewing is our speciality. The workshop was founded in 2008 and since that time we have gathered many skilled crafts and sales people. Many orthodox churches of Saint-Petersburg, North-West, Finland and other parishes of Russia including many other countries who order goods from us.

Our sewing workshop offers a great variety of both finished and custom-made goods. Due to the wide range of fabrics and accessories, we will help you find what you need. Talent and experience of our craftsmen are guaranteed to be of high quality and quickly. Thus Skiniya combines sewing skills of its workers and affordable prices for church goods.

Also we offer a great choice of church fabrics with unique ornaments, made either in Russia or abroad. You can also find all kinds of accessories and ready to wear vestments in our shop, such fabrics as church velvet, brocade, silk, and linen. Our suppliers are of both Russia and Greece.

And we certainly have great assortment of ready to wear clothes. There is a vast choice of church vestments, albs, cassocks, mitres. Each of these can be bought ready-to–wear or we will make it according to your order. We can also offer elements of church vestments – stoles, epimanikia, belts, ect.

Our clients are acolytes and parishioners of Russian Orthodox Church. We are always happy to see you among our clients. Buying church fabrics and accessories at our shop you will get quality and durability for optimal price.

Store opening hours:
  • weekdays from 11.00 to 19.00 
  • on Saturday from 11.00 to 18.00 Sunday
  • the Great Seasons — the weekend.


Glossary of terms, used in sections of our site.

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  • 8 In our shop you can buy as ready-made clothing and vestments, and everything for sewing: church fabrics and accessories.
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    We work with all regions of Russia and with the countries of the CIS and the European Union.

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